SFI – Swedish for immigrants

Study Swedish at C3L in Tyresö.


Sfi - Swedish for immigrants is for those who:

  • want to learn the basics of the Swedish language
  • want to develop an functional second language for further studies and for access to the labor market
  • is registered in Tyresö and at least 16 years of age

Other rules apply to citizens of the EU, EES or Switzerland. You must live in Tyresö and be at least 16 years old. You do not need to be registered in the municipality or have a social security number.

The course will give you basic knowledge of the Swedish language. The education should provide language tools for communication and active participation in daily, societal and working life.

You will practice reading and writing as well as vocal communication. You will extend your vocabulary, work on grammar and pronunciation.

We offer courses in daytime Monday to Friday and courses in evenings, Monday or Thursday. We also offer SFI remotely.

SFI distance course


  • Study route 1: Course A, B, C and D
  • Study route 2: Course B, C and D
  • Study route 3: Course C and D

Your placing depends on your study background and knowledge of swedish language.

How do I apply for SFI?

If you live in Tyresö and want to study SFI you can apply online:
Webb application SFI External link, opens in new window.

If you have studied in Tyresö before and want to resume your studies or have questions about SFI, send an e-mail to studiersfi@tyreso.se.

If you live in another municipality and want to study SFI in Tyresö

You need an approval from your local municipality to be able to study SFI with us at C3L.

Application form for studying in another municipality , 202.8 kB, opens in new window.

After receiving approval, please make an appointment for registration at the reception desk at C3L or via e-mail:

Phone: 08-578 275 00
E-mail: vuxenutbildningen@tyreso.se

For those of you who live in Tyresö and want to study SFI in another municipality

If you want to study SFI in another municipality, you need that municipality's specific application form. Information about where to find the form can be found on their website. You send/leave your application form to C3L along with your reasons for studying in another municipality, such as a certificate from your employer. E-mail: ike@tyreso.se.

SFI distance course

The course is for those who are unable to study at the school premises.

If you wish to study remotely, you must be proficient in studying with the help of a computer, and you need to have knowledge of how to use Google Classroom and Google Document. You also need to speak good English.

In SFI distance learning, you will receive a program with assignments to work on each week. You take personal responsibility for being active in the course and completing the assignments regularly. You plan your studies, and you choose the study pace that suits you. You can choose to study for 5 or 10 hours every week.

You study completely individually, but when you can communicate a little in Swedish, you have the opportunity to participate in an online meeting every week, where we practice speaking more.

If you need an interpreter, register via e-mail:

Applicants from Ukraine:

E-mail: start_sfi_2023@tyreso.se 

If you want to resume SFI studies or have questions:

E-mail: studiersfi@tyreso.se

Course start:

About 6 course starts for beginners per year. More options for those with prior knowledge. There may be a waiting time for a place at the education of up to 3 months.

Next start daytime for new beginners:
September 16 or 23, 2024

Course length:

The duration of the study period depends on the chosen educational path and course. Information about the estimated study time is provided at the beginning of the course.

Financial support:

The course allows no financial support from CSN


To be qualified you must fullfill the criteria for each course A, B, C and D respectively


You will be provided with educational materials. If the educational material is not returned, a charge will be applied.

Information for SFI students External link, opens in new window.

If you have a vocational education, read about
SFX educations External link..

For those with a previous college or university education that needs to be assessed:

Assessment of foreign education External link, opens in new window.

Last updated: 25 June 2024