25 januari 2021

Increased number of lessons taught at school from Jan 27th

Tyresö gymnasium will continue to teach by distance, at a first stage until week 8. There will at the same time be an increase of the amount of lessons taught at school.

This decision is based on the national recommendations that were presented yesterday and on decisions made by gymnasie- och vuxenutbildningsnämnden. This means that the students of språkintroduktion will be attending all of their lessons at school and the students of the remaining study programs will see an increase of their lessons being held at school.

Students that are on APL will continue to be on APL. Gymnasiesärskolan is not affected by this decision and will be open, in the same way as before.

The gymnasie- och vuxenutbildningsnämnden decision applies from January 25th but the decided changes will instead come into force on January 27th, to make sure that the mentors will have a chance to communicate the new hours for teaching at school, to their students.

Best Regards,
Lena Beskow, Principal

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