20 februari 2023

Study Swedish with SFI – your way to the job you want

Language is the key to the job you want. Yes, most Swedes speak English, and many newcomers manage to find a job in Sweden without speaking any Swedish. But being able to speak and write Swedish will open so many more doors and can lead to remarkable opportunities that you wouldn’t find if you didn’t know the language. Your skills and ambition can get you a job but speaking Swedish as well will get you a career here – it’ll allow you to get the job you want.

Study SFI

There are several different ways you can study Swedish here at C3L. From basic training in Swedish to courses that will teach you both the language and give you a desirable profession. Find out more about your options below, and what support you can get while studying.

Swedish for immigrants – learn the Swedish language and the society

SFI, Swedish for immigrants, is an introductory course that will give you the basic knowledge of the Swedish language, it will also teach you about Swedish society and working life. SFI can give you the language tools to help you participate in daily life, society, and work. Swedish for immigrants is a course for you who want to learn the basics of the Swedish language. After that, you can move on to further studies, and by doing so get better access to the job market.

When you study SFI you get to practice reading and writing as well as vocal communication. This will help you extend your vocabulary, work on your grammar and pronunciation, and also introduce you to further studies. The course is available on different levels to suit as many as possible. The course length is individual and depends on your study background and your current knowledge of the Swedish language.

You can study SFI at C3L from the age of 16 and if you are registered in Tyresö (if you live in another municipality, you need approval from your local municipality to study SFI with us at C3L). SFI is free of charge as well as educational materials, however, it doesn’t allow for financial support from CSN.

Read more about Swedish immigrants and apply for SFI at C3L(in English).

SFX – a flexible way to study Swedish for your profession

SFI is a great way to learn the basics of Swedish and how Swedish society works. But you can also study Swedish with a focus on the professional language of the field of work you’re in, which is particularly important if you already have an education and profession from your home country.

SFX is Swedish for the vocationally trained. At SFX, you study Swedish with a focus on the professional language, and orientation courses with the necessary knowledge to learn how your profession can be successful in Sweden. It also allows you to supplement your education for Swedish conditions at the college or upper secondary school level.

Studying SFX can open many new doors for you if you already have extensive education, skills, and competence. Since most job listings are in Swedish you can get access to more opportunities, and you will be much more attractive to potential employers if you speak the language. Speaking Swedish will also give you access to professional contact networks where a lot of the actual recruiting is happening via personal contacts. In some areas, like in the health care system, knowledge of Swedish is also a requirement for safety reasons.

SFX courses are free for students and are paid for by the home municipality. Financial support from CSN can be applied after SFI level D is finished. If you live in Stockholm County you can apply for SFX training as an opportunity to find work faster or as a basis for further studies. At C3L, you have the flexibility to choose to study SFX in a classroom or online. We are currently offering the following SFX courses (click the link for each course to find out more and apply):

SFB – Swedish for bus drivers (in Swedish)

SFX-IT – Swedish for programmers (in English)

Combination courses that will both teach you Swedish and a profession

At C3L we offer combination courses if you want to work in a certain professional area and don’t have Swedish as your first language. You will study vocational courses at the same time as SFI or basic Swedish as a second language. This will help you develop your knowledge of Swedish, as well as give you the competence and skills needed to apply for a job in the area you have been studying for. Many of these combination courses include APL (internship) where you get the opportunity to practice your new skills in real-life work situations. It will also give you a chance to make important contacts which can lead to future employment.

You can apply for these combination courses if you have completed SFI C but have not yet taken a grade in the SVA foundation (basic Swedish as a second language, part 4). These courses are free and allow for financial support from CSN (but as a student, you pay for course materials and any copying fees).

You can study the following combination courses at C3L (click on the link for each course to read more and apply):

Kombination barnskötare/elevassistent (child carer/student assistant)

Kombination undersköterska (assistant nurse)

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