This information originates from Statistics Sweden, ”Municipal facts 2012”. It contains statistics on all persons who live or work in the municipality and information on dwellings and municipal finances. It often includes a comparison of the mean values for the county with those for the country as a whole.

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Employment by industry, 2010

Employment and employed - women 2010

Employment and employed - men 2010

Employment and employed - total 2010

Job seekers, March 2011 and March 2012

Self-employed by type of company, 2010
Employment by sector, 2010
Employment by age group, 2010
Commuting, 2010
The 20 most common occupations in the municipality, 2010
The 20 most common occupations in the country, 2010
Population trends, 2001–2011
Population by age, 2011
Net migration, 2001–2011
Population by age group, 2011
Live births per woman/man, 2001–2011
Births and deaths, 2011
Excess of births over deaths, 2001–2011
Migrations, 2011
Foreign born, 2011
Completed/converted dwellings, 2007–2011
Total income, average and median, 2010
Local taxes and tax bases, 2012
Expenditures SEK, per inhabitant, 2010
Seats in the Municipal Council by
political party, 2006 and 2010
Preschool activities and care of school-age children, enrollment by age group, 2011
Sickness and activity compensation by age, 2011
Social assistance by type of household, 2010
Elder care
Population by level of education, 31 December 2011