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Tyresö's Twin Towns

Tyresö Municipality has two twin towns, both of them in EU countries: Cesis in Latvia and Savigny le Temple in France.


Cesis, Latvia (since 1991)

Cesis has approximately 23 000 inhabitants and celebrated in 2006 its 800 years anniversary. The town is situated north-east of the Latvian capital Riga. Cesis dates back as far as the 13th century and has played a great role in the history of Latvia. The town was founded in 1383. One of its most important industries today is the brewing trade.

In the Middle Ages, Cesis had a ring-wall with three large towers and four gates and the Master of the Livonian Order resided in the town. Its strategic position along the river Gauja made Cesis for a long time an administrative and commercial centre. From Riga the trade route led via Gauja through Sigulda, Cesis, Tikat, and Aluksne to Pskov.

In the 1620s Axel Oxenstierna was enfeoffed with the diocese of Cesis and Vendens (German for Cesis). In the 17th and 18th centuries Cesis was hit by war and fires. At the end of the 18th century some parts of the city were rebuilt, and during the latter half of the 19th century the town resumed its position as a commercial centre. The beautiful river Gauja attracted tourists and summer visitors, who contributed to a renewal of the town at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Janis Church was built in 1284 in Gothic style and its tower is 216 feet high. The centre of Cesis mostly consists of older housing, mainly two or three storeys high. On the outskirts are detached houses and apartment blocks.

Trade and industry
Cesis has several building companies, breweries, dairies, furniture makers, and food producers. Several food companies are engaged in milk and meat processing. The largest brewery in Cesis has more than 80 employees. Other people work in the ready-made clothing industry, in car repair shops, and as craftsmen. In Priekuli outside the town there are fields for cultivation experiments.

Near Cesis is a beautiful national park that encloses the river Gauja and its tributaries. In the national park there are many interesting nature areas, e.g. the rock formation Zvartas Iesis, which is 53 feet high and rises south-west of Cesis on the river Amata. There are also hiking trails and hills with a fine view. In winter the park is a sports centre for the whole of Latvia with opportunities for, for example, slalom and cross-country skiing.

Activities together with Tyresö
Exchange of schoolboys and schoolgirls, travelling grants in conjunction with companies in Tyresö, municipal administrative-technical exchange, e.g. in the environmental area.

Savigny le Temple, France (since 1985) 

Savigny le TempleLocation: Approximately 25 miles south-east of Paris in the region of Ile-de-France and the department of Seine-et-Marne.

Population: About 22 000.

Savigny is in the Brie district.

Brief history
The old village of le Bourg is the original Savigny with restored village housing. Here is the old town hall and a beautiful medieval church, Eglise-Saint-Germain. In le Bourg there is also a fine well-preserved farm, which is now a museum.
The Clary family (Charles XIV's consort Désirée Clary - Queen Desideria) at one time owned Savigny Castle, which is now  under restoration. One school in Savigny is named after Désirée Clary. Savigny also has a street named after Olof Palme.

The building of the "new" Savigny began in 1973 together with other development in the neighbouring area - the so-called new town of Melun-Sénart, i.e. the area between the town of Melun and the wooded area of Sénart. Besides Savigny, the Melun-Sénart area comprises 9 municipalities.
Apartment blocks are concentrated in Centre Ville. Elsewhere there are residential areas with varied housing. All of them are characterised by artificial ponds/pools and fine parks. In each town district there is a small shopping centre.

Labour market
In the eastern parts of Savigny there is an industrial area and a large commercial centre with a great variety of shops.
Many of the Savigny residents work in Paris or neighbouring municipalities. There are frequent train services to Paris.

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