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Tyresö – between city, archipelago and wilderness

Tyresö Municipality with about 44,000 inhabitants, is situated on the Baltic Sea, 15 km south-east of Stockholm. By public transportation you can reach Tyresö in less than half an hour from Stockholm City and by car it takes you about 15 minutes. Here are some spots worth visiting in Tyresö:


Tyresö Castle

Tyresö Castle
Tyresö Castle is from the 17th century. Guided tours take you to the residence of the last private owner, the Marquis Claes Lagergren.

Prinsvillan or Little Tyresö
Hostel with conference facilities and a low-budget pricing. Previous summer residence of the famous Swedish painter Prince Eugen.

Tyresö Church

17th century, one of Sweden's most popular wedding-church, close to the castle. 

Sports and recreation

Tyresö offers a lot of opportunities for sports and recreation such as fishing, canoeing, swimming, biking, walking, skating, and skiing.

Tyresta National Park

Tyresta National Park
The European national park that is closest to a city. Rich wildlife.


Vissvass is a beautiful 19th century village. Remains of a stone-age settlement.


Alby recreation centre: swimming, saunas, lighted tracks for skiing and jogging, cafeteria, barbecue, picnic facilities and farm animals.


The Nyfors rapids with a fall of some six metres between two lakes and "entrance" to Tyresta National Park.

Tyresö Centrum

Tyresö Centrum is an indoor shopping centre with cafeterias and restaurants. Free parking.

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