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Tyresö Castle
In 1930 Tyresö Castle was donated to the Nordic Museum by the Marquis Claes Lagergren. Visitors are shown the castle with the marquis’s restored private apartment. In the summer season, concerts and other performances are given in the castle courtyard. Especially worth seeing is the midsummer celebration in front of the castle which, besides the celebration at Skansen in Stockholm, is the greatest in the Stockholm region.

Not far from the castle is Prinsvillan, one of the houses of Little Tyresö, which now is a small hotel/youth hostel in a century-old environment.

Vissvass is a typical old village preserved in beautiful countryside and bordered by sounds of the Baltic. Here the remains of a stone-age settlement have been found. Vissvass has two of Tyresö’s marinas for pleasure boats. The village is a good starting point for hikes in extensive recreation areas and swimming at Åva.

Tyresö Church
In Tyresö Church there is an interesting model ship from the 1650s and a beautiful altar-piece, originally a war-booty from Poland. The church is a national treasure and one of Sweden's most popular wedding churches.

From Nyfors to Tyresta
The height of fall at Nyfors between the lakes Tyresö Flaten and Albysjön is about 20 feet. Here in the beautiful rapids dippers can sometimes be spotted. Nyfors is Tyresö's "gate" to Tyresta National Park and a good starting-point for both hiking and fishing.

Alby Recreation Centre
Alby is Tyresö's most popular recreation area. The beautiful countryside and the sports facilities attract visitors all the year round.

How to get to Tyresö
Motorway 229 south from Stockholm takes you to Tyresö. From Gullmarsplan station buses run frequently to various parts of Tyresö. The blue city buses and the east-west tram line connect Tyresö with Stockholm city centre and suburbs such as Alvik, Årsta, and Liljeholmen. At morning and evening peak-hours there are express buses from Tyresö to Stockholm city centre.

The Right of Public Access

In Sweden everyone has the right to be out and enjoy the countryside, even on private land. This legal right is called “The Right of Public Access” (Allemansrätten). This right is a privilege found in few other countries. It gives the individual a great deal of freedom, but this freedom should never be a cause of trouble or discomfort to others.

The Right of Public Access requires responsibility and consideration from every individual. It is built on a foundation of trust - not to damage sites of beauty, or to endanger wildlife, and to show consideration to other visitors and to the landowner.

The Right of Public Access can be summarised in the following short phrase.
- Enjoy - Do Not Destroy

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