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Daily life in Tyresö

Tyresö is a fine place to live in. The Municipality offers a great variety of housing options. Attitude studies show that people in Tyresö like their residential areas. Roughly half of the population live in detached or different types of linked houses.

One of the most recently developed areas is "Tyresö Garden City  Strand" which has become one of the most attractive housing areas in the Stockholm region.

The central area

The housing area close to Tyresö Centre is becoming more densely populated through a wide range of newly built housing options. All development in Tyresö takes place in a small-scale way. Parks and areas with scenic beauty are carefully preserved.

In Gimmersta, Bergholm, and on the Brevik peninsula there are a variety of holiday homes from various periods: Upper-class summer homes from the beginning of the 1900s, sporting lodges from the 1930-50s, and holiday cottages from the 1960-80s. In recent years most of these have been refurbished into residential homes to be lived in all year round.

Some residential areas in Tyresö


  • Bollmora, Central Tyresö: mainly high-rise buildings with rented or tenant-owned apartments. 
  • Krusboda and Fårdala: Many groups of buildings from the 1960s and 70s, close to recreation areas. 
  • Granängsringen: Central large apartment houses, the area was enhanced by a beautiful green courtyard in the 1990s. 
  • Farmarstigen (East and West): High-rise buildings with rented or tenant-owned apartments, 1980-90. 
  • Lindalen: Detached houses and apartment blocks near places of work. 
  • Trollbäcken: A centre mostly surrounded by large old private houses, but also some modern detached houses, apartment blocks, and groups of houses. 
  • Öringe: A variety of detached houses around the lake Öringesjön 
  • Tyresö Strand: A variety of detached houses.


Easy and quick commuting services

The greater part of Tyresö's working population commute to Stockholm or to other municipalities in the region.

Twenty km to Stockholm

The distance to central Stockholm is only about twenty kilometers. Buses run frequently between Tyresö and Gullmarsplan (near the Globe), where it is easy to change to the underground, the east-west tram line, or a blue city bus. There are also special peak-hour express buses that run between Tyresö and Stockholm city.


The municipality is Tyresö's greatest employer. Apart from this, the labour market is dominated by small businesses with a vigorous entrepreneurial spirit. There are about one thousand companies, many of which are active within unique and specialised niches. Most of them are located in Lindalen, Petterboda, and the workplace districts of Trollbäcken. Close to Tyresö, but within the city limit of Stockholm, is the Skrubbatriangeln workplace district, to which many Tyresö residents commute.

Childcare with freedom of choice

 Tyresö’s childcare system functions well and has many alternative forms, private as well as municipal. The pre-schools have great freedom to design their own activities and they also care for the children outside school hours.

Safe homes for the elderly

Though the population of Tyresö is comparatively young, the number of elderly people is steadily increasing. For this reason the municipality has invested great resources in safe and comfortable centres for the elderly, e.g. Allébacken and Trollängen in Trollbäcken and Björkbacken in Bollmora. The Björkbacken centre has apartments with special services, flats for elderly people, day care, a nursing home, a restaurant, and premises for communal activities. The municipality also provides day activities and communal-living units for people with senile dementia.

Many schools

Tyresö has many well-run schools, independent as well as municipal. Each school has created its own profile, e.g. special emphasis on sports or music. The music school builds its teaching on a long tradition. In Tyresö there is also a modern upper secondary school with a broad and varied educational programme.

Examples of large compulsory-education schools are Kumla school in Trollbäcken, Nyboda School in central Tyresö, Strand School and Tyresö School in Tyresö Strand. Near Tyresö, in Skrubbatriangeln, Kunskapsskolan (the Knowledge School) is located, an independent school with Tyresö as its catchment area.

Adult education

Adult education and distance university education are conducted by C3L (Centre for Life-Long Learning). Here we also find ITYRUM, a number of new small enterprises, some of which were started by former C3L pupils.

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