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About Tyresö

Tyresö, a municipality with about 47 000 inhabitants, 15 km south-east of Stockholm. You can reach Tyresö by public transport in twenty minutes from Stockholm City and by car it takes you about 15 minutes.

Tyresö's indoor shopping centre is a place where the local residents often meet. Besides a variety of shops, there are cafés and restaurants, banks, pharmacies, and municipal service.

A variety of housing choices

Tyresö largely consists of detached houses, different types of linked houses, and other low-rise buildings, which give it a pleasant small-town atmosphere. Those who have their roots in Tyresö don’t want to live anywhere else. Young people tend to return after studies or work in Stockholm or other cities.

Although the municipality's about one thousand companies employ many people, still more people commute to work outside Tyresö.

Tyresö Castle and Church

Tyresö Church and Tyresö Castle are situated in Old Tyresö.

The castle is owned by the Nordic Museum. Part of Old Tyresö belongs to the Brevik peninsula, where there are both holiday cottages and houses for all-year-round residents. The peninsula is bordered by two deep sounds of the Baltic Sea, Kalvfjärden and Erstaviken. Two islands in the Stockholm archipelago, Ägnö and Härsö, also belong to Tyresö.

NyforsfiskeNatural scenery - Tyresö's greatest asset

"The beautiful natural surroundings, the fine hiking areas,  close to both lakes and the sea".

This is what many residents answer when asked why they have chosen to live in Tyresö. From the top of Tyresö's highest hill, Telegrafberget (85 m above sea level), it is possible to see the steep cliffs of the Brevik peninsula, open sounds, islands, a chain of lakes connected by rapids, large deep forests, and meadows and pastures with grazing animals.

Tyresö has large open-air recreation areas and nature reserves with a flora and fauna of even national interest. Tyresö also shares part of Tyresta National Park, which is unique in its nearness to a metropolitan area.


Appreciated variety of culture and recreation 

The people of Tyresö appreciate their rich possibilities for cultural and recreational activities. This is confirmed by attitude studies performed by the municipality as a basis for enhancing the quality and widening the range of services. Many different club activities are offered such as choir-singing, music, dancing, sports, film-club activity, and bridge. Tyresö sportsmen are well-known for their achievements, e.g. in handball, American football and soccer. The municipality's recreational amenities include fine swimming baths, golf and minigolf courses, indoor sports centres, racket and ice-skating halls, sports grounds, and youth centres.

Apart from the park of Tyresö Castle, Alby Recreation Centre is the most popular place for an excursion. Its facilities include jogging tracks, a cafeteria, a rest hut, club premises, and opportunities for slalom and cross-country skiing, swimming, and sauna baths. Nearby is Uddby gård, one of the few farms with animals in the Stockholm region. Among its visitors are school classes and other groups.

CykelA paradise for canoeists and other nature lovers

A chain of connected lakes in the south-eastern part of Tyresö is a paradise for canoeists. Here an excellent route leads through calm waters until it finally ends in the Baltic Sea. On the shores of the lakes there are many fine bathing places.

Tyresö's Baltic Sea coast offers excellent opportunities for sea bathing, wind surfing, and sailing. Those who prefer hiking can take Sörmlandsleden, a trail that passes through some of Tyresö's most beautiful natural scenery.

Cultural venues

Visitors are full of praise for Tyresö's three libraries. They are located in Tyresö Centre, Trollbäcken and Tyresö Strand. All libraries have a rich selection of literature for children, young people and adults, complete IT equipment with a Book-it system, and halls for exhibits and lectures.

Forellen, the assembly hall of Forellen School in Tyresö Centre, is also a cinema with over 330 seats. Here most films worth seeing are shown, so it is not necessary to go to Stockholm to see them. Forellen also has matinees with films and theatre performances for children.

Tyresö Bygdegård, close to the castle and the church, was originally a school from the 1870s but is now a community centre for celebrations and other gatherings.

Kumla Herrgård in Trollbäcken, dating back to the 1680s, is a faithfully restored manor house used today as a first-class restaurant with conference and assembly rooms.

Further information about Tyresö

If you want to know more about Tyresö, we recommend you to contact Tyresö Servicecenter (Municipal information centre) in Tyresö Centre. The libraries in Tyresö Centre and Trollbäcken also have some literature on Tyresö for those who want more specific information.

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