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Tyresö Tours

”Tyresö tours” is the name of a series of maps with suggestions for walks in different parts of Tyresö.

The walks vary in length and degrees of exertion. You can choose between longer walks into the woods and nature reserve surrounding three lakes Långsjön, Tyresö-Flaten and Albysjön, or walks more easily accessed by wheelchair or pram in residential areas of Tyresö, or the Landscape park at Tyresö Castle.
The maps show where you can swim, fish, have a picnic, or point to places of cultural significance.
We hope that the maps inspire you to explore Pleasant Tyresö!

You can get the maps free of charge
- at the municipal Service Centre and also at Tyresö main library, both situated in the shopping mall in Tyresö centre
- at the tourist information by the youth hostel Princevillan, close to  Tyresö castle
- or you can download them from this page

The Right of Public Access

In Sweden everyone has the right to be out and enjoy the countryside, even on private land. This legal right is called “The Right of Public Access” (Allemansrätten). This right is a privilege found in few other countries. It gives the individual a great deal of freedom, but this freedom should never be a cause of trouble or discomfort to others.

The Right of Public Access requires responsibility and consideration from every individual. It is built on a foundation of trust - not to damage sites of beauty, or to endanger wildlife, and to show consideration to other visitors and to the landowner.

The Right of Public Access can be summarised in the following short phrase.
- Enjoy - Do Not Destroy

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Take a walk in Tyresö

Take a walk in Tyresö

Tyresö tours

Tyresö tours
Click on the web-links to download the PDF-maps (1 Mb). 

1. Tyresö Centre loop

2. Fornudden Tour

3. Tyresö castle walk

4. Lake Tyresö-Flaten

5. Around Långsjön